Why don’t you enjoy Japanese Casino, Pachinko! -Introduction of Kinshiho 2-

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I want you to know about Kinshicho more. This post is for that!


Japanese casino, Pachinko

There are Japanese casino shops named Pachinko around Kinshicho. Gambling is basically illegal in Japan, but it is one of exception. First, in Pachinko shop, you have to put bill into iron ball rental machine that is installed next to each Pachinko machines, then buy the iron balls which is worth 4 YEN each. You can buy 125 balls at once. Second, turn the handle to aim the hall, which is on middle of Pachinko machine, with balls. If you managed to make the ball get into the hall, 3 numbers on the screen start rolling. If you get 3 same numbers on the screen, like 333, 555, or 777, it is jackpot. What you have to do during jackpot is keep turning the handle until jackpot finishes, but it depends on what kind of Pachinko machine you play. There are some Pachinko machines that have special rules, so you should know about it before you play.


Japanese casino


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