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The fourth week of March, cherry blossom starts blooming in Tokyo. And it completely falls on the second week of April. During this week, it’s the best time to go cherry-blossom viewing! Not so hot, not so cold. My heart starts singing just by walking around the street during the season!

cherry blossom


What is cherry- blossom viewing?

I don’t think I have to explain this, but if I dear to describe it, it is having a PARTY under cherry trees!

The origin of cherry-blossom viewing occurred in Japan in 710. The nobility during Nara period started viewing cherry blossom and drinking. But it wasn’t for common people.
Cherry blossom tells us the spring has come and blooms just for two weeks. It makes us happy and feel it is ephemeral. That is why cherry blossom viewing is so popular for people.


In 1740, Yoshimune Tokugawa, the great shogun of Edo period, planted a huge number of cherry trees in at everywhere in Tokyo, such as Sumida Park, Ueno Park, Asukayama Park. Then it became for all people.


5 popular cherry-blossom viewing places in Tokyo


Because of that, we can enjoy viewing cherry blossom now. Thank you Yoshimune, the great king of Edo!

Now the culture of cherry blossom viewing is spreading into all over the world. For example, National Cherry Blossom Festival is held at Washington DC every spring.


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