Special Girl’s day, Hinamatsuri

Hinaningyo Japanese culture

March 3 is the day called Hinamatsuri in Japan. Hinamatsuri is annual special day for girls. In Hinamatsuri, people who have female children display dolls, which is called Hina-ningyo, in their house.


This custom, displaying dolls began Heian period, in 794. Basically, we wish for girl’s happiness and growing healthy in the day. There are some traditional snacks that we eat only on Hinamatsuri day. Hina-arare is colored snack that is bit-sized rice covered with sugar. Sakura-mochi is pink rice cake that contains bean jam rolled with perilla leaf. Hishi-mochi is diamond-cut three-colored rice cake.

Since I’m a man, Hinamatsuri was just the day that I can eat special snacks as much as I want(。・ ω<)ゞ If you have chance to come Japan in March, you must try them!


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