Arcakit Kinshicho, there must be Japanese souvenirs you want

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As I introduced older post “a convenient town for sightseeing, Kinsicho”, there are three department stores at Kinshicho. I wanna introduce one of them, Arcakit Kinshicho this time because I think you can find good Japanese souvenir for reasonable price. Arcakit Kinshicho is located at one minute away from Kinshicho Station north exit. You can see the store as soon as you get the platform of the station.

Arcakit Kinshicho has ten stories and many shops on each floor. Some shops occupy all one floor and sell many kind of stuffs that they specialize.


Oribe, traditional tableware shop

Oribe deals in tableware. But it’s not normal or typical. It’s traditional tableware! I think stuffs that Oribe sells are really suitable for Japanese souvenir. Even I bought chopsticks and a dish for rice as gift for mother’s day last year. If you want Japanese -like tableware, you might as well come here!


Japanese stuffs


These are beautiful don’t you think?


One dollar shop, Daiso

Daiso deals in general goods for just one dollar and occupies entire of a floor. They sell Japanese tableware which is good as souvenir such as, chopsticks, spoons, dishes and cups. I often go there to buy snacks and some drinks.

They all are one dollar each

one dollar shop

wine for one dollar each

even wines are one dollar each



Akachan-Honpo sells baby’s ware such as stroller, diaper, shoes, cloth, books, foods and occupies all a floor. You don’t have to go somewhere else except here when you get a sweet child.

Akachan Honpo Akachan Honpo


Arcakit Kinshicho isn’t a department store for tourists, but good stuffs are always in our daily life.


nearest station is Kinshicho Station north exit

address: 2-2-1 Kinshi, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0013


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