Impressions of Japan as the world see it.

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When I was in Canada, I met many people and got some foreign friends. Canada is a country that has accepted many immigrants, so I managed to have opportunities to talk with many foreign friends, such as Canadian American German Brazilian Argentinian Korean Chinese Taiwanese. Each of them had impressions of Japanese that surprised me. Let me now introduce them.

Japanese anime

We don’t say hooo! achoo! Eee-Yah! when we are in a battle.

Some friends asked me that why do Japanese shout like achoo insanely when they kick, punch, and defeat opponent? Huh…….not again….. calm down Aki. Stay cool. This is my mission, mission of removing misunderstanding. Before I answer your question, can you please allow me to ask? Have you seen Japanese shout it? We punch thousand times in a second at lightning speed? I wish I could do that.


light speed punches

You mean this?


That happens only in made up stories. We don’t say that. If we are such kind of race, life would be more interesting. If characters in a movie fight silently, they can’t make people impressed. It wouldn’t be fun and exciting. That’s why they shout it.


Japanese are obsessed with making good porn.

A friend of mine asked me that why actresses in Japanese porn videos are so cute. According to him, the actresses in his country are like old, but in Japan, they are young and beautiful. Also, there are many types of fetish videos millions of videos in Japan! I thought first was is so? Actually I like watching those. I think because it’s Japanese culture, our tradition. I don’t only like Japanese videos but also the others though.(´・ω・`)


Japanese men have tiny pxxxs.

A friend of mine said that Japanese men’s penis is the smallest in the world. (゚∀゚)< relatively it is! But as long as we can go like orgasm, we don’t care so much about that hahaha!



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