Three weird cultures I found at Akihabara

a game in a washroom Japanese culture

Japanese often like things that foreigner don’t understand. I’ve introduced some on older posts “electric Otaku town, Akihabara” though, but I found more. I have to show them as a manager of this blog!


1: maid café. Welcome home my master!

2: a sexual building in public.

3: a machine installed on the wall of washroom!


So now let me introduce them.


Maid Café. Welcome home my master!

Have you heard of Maid Café? It looks like normal cafeteria, but clerks are all maid-costumed women. Maids serve drinks and foods and every time say “as you wish my master” when I order something.

maid cafe

The strange things are more. There are many kind of maid café in Akihabara. I found the one called Tsundere café, the cousin of maid café. Tsundere means woman who normally acts grumpy but acts lovely when she is with the man who she likes.

In Tsundere café, they acts like that, like “oh, not you again” “say what you want to drink!” “huh? I forgot what you ordered”. But when I say “check please”, they turn to another people. They say “don’t go..stay here plz” “ccc,,,come again for me…,won’t you?”. So cute! I like that!


A sexual building in public

There is a building near Akihabara Station which has sexual atmosphere.

a building at Akihabara

a building at Akihabara

In this building so many sexual stuffs are concerned. Such as…. Many kinds of costumes, sexual lubricants, Onaho, which is the item for helping men’s masturbation. I think you’d better come Akihabara and see them, seeing is believing….


A machine installed on the wall of washroom

Akihabara town intends to amuse me sometimes. I found this in the washroom of a restaurant.

a game in a washroom

Do you have any idea what this is?

This is a game that men can play with their pee! Pee! Pee!

Your opponent is the man who used this urinal previously. The game started when I started peeing. The important thing to win this game is the amount of pee. If you manage to get pee more than previous man, you win! As long as you can pee, you can play it for free.

a game in a washroom

a game in a washroom

According to this machine, I lose….. Does it make fun of me?

It was fun anyway!


In conclusion, there are so many funny attractions in Akihabara! This town will provide the best memory of Tokyo!

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