Nobody steals it!? The safe country Japan

bags on the washstand Japanese culture

When you are in Japan, you don’t have to care so much about your belongings. You can leave it for a while. Of course you should protect your bags in charge, but maybe it will be the same place where you left. It may be possibly given back to you by someone.

bags on the washstand

A few days ago, I found bags on the washstand of a washroom in a mall. The owner of the bags,who is a Japanese, was going to pee and left his bags on the washstand on purpose. During the time, nobody steal it. Nobody care about it.


Honest Japanese. It’s a nationality.

They don’t overcharge you, never. When you take a taxi, buy something, in any case you pay money, you don’t have to suspect the price they say. That must be right price. Japanese can’t live without their honestness.


Someone may say that is normal. Someone may say that’s unbelievable.

I can say we are very sensitive about being honest at least.


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