List of Tokyo Skytree Town floor guide

Sky Arena

Sky Arena

All shops and restaurants of 1st floor of Solamachi

Souvenirs and general goods(Solamachi 1F

Restaurants and cafes(Solamachi 1F

1st floor of Tokyo Solamachi, there are many services and shops that help you to enjoy Solamachi as suitable entrance of Solamachi. Information center, baggage room, stroller rentals. “Solamachi Shopping Street” runs through from Oshiage Station to Solamachi Square. You will see a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants on the street. On the west side, there is “Station Street” in front of Tokyo Skytree Station. On this street, there are many restaurants too.

All shops and restaurants of 4th floor of Solamachi

Souvenirs and general goods(Solamachi 4F

Restaurants and cafes(Solamachi 4F

4th floor of Solamachi, its special feature is “Sky Arena”, which is an open space. There is the entrance of Tokyo Skytree on the arena. The view looking up from here is the best view of Tokyo Skytree! After all, it’s like a root of Skytree here.
On this arena, some wonderful attractions are held, depends on season. Beer hall for Summer season. Ice skate rink for Winter season. On the West yard, there is the entrance of Sumida Aquarium and restaurants. On the East yard, there is “Japan Souvenir Zone”

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