Senso-ji, the oldest famous Buddhist temple in Tokyo

Kaminari gate at Senso-ji Temples

Kaminari gate at Senso-ji

Senso-ji, Sensou temple, is one of the most popular place in Tokyo for tourists. Even those who live in the other region of Japan often come to here. This temple is very convenient for tourists. After all, it’s located just one station away from TokyoSkytree.

five-storied pagoda and TokyoSkytree

TokyoSkytree and five-storied pagoda


Senso-ji is the oldest temple in Tokyo. In 628, two fishermen, the brothers Hinokuma Hamanari and Hinokuma Takenari, were fishing with their fishnet at Sumida River. Then they caught a sculpture of bodhisattva Kannon, then they turned to monks and dedicated it to Senso-ji. This is the beginning of this temple.

main hall of Senso-ji

Ceiling of the main hall, a picture of dragon is painted on it.

Goju-no-tou, five-storied pagoda

five-storied pagoda


It is said that this smoke purifies human’s worldly passions.

Nakamise street at Senso-ji

Nakamise Rord is a shopping street connecting to main hall of Senso-ji that you can buy souvenir that seems to Japan. There are 54 shops on the east side and 35 shops on the west side.

a souvenir shop at Senso-ji a souvenir shop at Senso-ji


Ningyo-yaki, traditional famous Wagashi snack in Japan. They are shaped into various forms, such as animals, Hello kitty, maple leaves. oh- Canada!

map of Senso-ji


Jinrikisya, rickshaw. You can see those rickshaws around Senso-ji.

a view from TokyoSkytree line

A view from TokyoSkytree line from Asakusa Station to TokyoSkytree Station. TokyoSkytree line reduces its speed to show us Sumida River and TokyoSkytree town when it’s close to TokyoSkytree. It’s really kind of him!

a view from Asakusa Station

a view from Tobu Asakusa Station on TokyoSkytree line.

map around Senso-ji

address: 2-3-1, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo Japan 111-0032


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