A silent shrine Kameido-Tenjin

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Kameido-tenjin is a shrine placed on Koutou-ku, Tokyo. Sugawara-no-Mitizane, who is known as god of studies, is enshrined here. If I describe about this shrine, its history should be told since 1661.


Sugawara-Ohtorii-Nobusuke, Mitizane’s descendant, dedicated a statue of god to here. That’s the beginning.

TokyoSkytree from Kameido-Tenjin

This shrine is just 15 minutes away from TokyoSkytree on foot. When you have chance to go TokyoSkytree, you should drop by here. There is no disappointment.

main hall of Kameido-Tenjin

Shrine of study

Students preparing for examination and their parents often come here, then wish for their success in study. Me? of course I did when I was a student, and it was granted. After all, the god of study is enshrined.


A statue of dog, named “Oinu-sama”, is considered that it cures people if they give it coat of salt.

salt of Oinu-sama

a map of Kameido

Kameido-tenjin is located between Kinsicho Station and Kameido Station. It takes 15minutes to get Kameido-tenjin from either Kinsicho Station or Kameido Station on Soubu line.

address: 3-6-1, Kameido, Koutou-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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