Beautiful Japanese garden, Yasuda Teien

Yasuda Teien little-known good places

Yasuda Teien is a opened garden to the public located in Ryogoku, Sumida and is just 5 minutes away from Ryogoku Kokugikan. In this garden, you can see artificial tide.

Yasuda Teien

There are animals living naturally such as birds turtles carps.

This garden is originally used to be Zenjiro Yasuda’s private garden. In 1927, it was donated to Tokyo city.

You can enjoy beautiful scenery in each four seasons. I prefer this garden covered with snow in winter. It’s so breathtaking! (*゚∀゚*)

Yasuda Teien

People often come here to take photos of beautiful scenery. You may feel like Japanese calm soul in this garden, but I hardly ever see any tourists in the garden.


Address : 1-12-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0015


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