Yasukuni Shrine, Spirits of Soldiers are enshrined as god

Yasukuni Shrine Japanese Souvenir

Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Spirits of soldiers who had died in service of the Empire of Japan, which exists since 1868 until 1947, are enshrined here. Yasukuni Shrine is also known as a good place for cherry blossom viewing.


1, International problem

2, Yushukan

3, How to get there


Yasukuni Shrine

International problem

The Prime Minister of Japan Visiting this shrine is often taken up as an international problem. Because China and Korea insist that A-class war criminals are enshrined here too.

The history of this issue is super complicated and difficult as much as I can’t decide if it is right or wrong. But I guess that he thinks the Prime Minister, behalf of Japan, visiting this shrine is kind of his obligation because soldiers enshrined here died for Japan. They promised to meet up again some day at Yasukuni Shrine each other, then they died.

That is all what I can say at least.



Yushukan is a Japanese military and war museum located in Yasukuni Shrine. Various artifacts and documents concerning Japanese war are exhibited here. This year, 2015 is seventh decade year, so now special event is held at this museum.

Yasukuni Shrine

Zero fighter plane


Yasukuni Shrine

Model 89 15cm cannon

Explanation plate of this cannon says

“This cannon was formally adopted in year 2589 of the Imperial Era, and proudly features a split-trail gun carriae, long range, and great firepower. When being moved, the cannon barrel and carriage are each drawn by a 8 ton tractor.”


Yasukuni Shrine

Souvenir shop


Yasukuni Shrine

Very popular, worth and famous Japanese swords “Magoroku 孫六” “Muramasa 村正” “Nagamitsu 長光”


Yasukuni Shrine

A plastic model of Zero fighter


How to get there

You can get the shrine from Iidabashi Station on JR Soubu line west exit.

Affter you go through the station gate of the west exit, go left and walk until you see this view.

Yasukuni Shrine

It takes approximately 15 minuts on foot

Address : 3-1-1 Kudankita, Chiyoda, Tokyo


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