Tokyo Imperial Palace, where the Emperor of Japan lives

Tokyo Imperial Palace Tokyo sightseeing

It’s very popular place for sightseeing.

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan and is where Edo Castle used to be. Tokyo Imperial Palace is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo and surrounded by moat, which is very well known as Chidoriga Fuchi.

cherry blossom

Chidoriga Fuchi in Spring

Chidoriga Fuchi is known as the best place for cherry-blossom viewing in Tokyo. In Spring, many thousand of people come here to see beautiful cherry blossom.


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There are ten gates around the Palace, Sakashita Gate 坂下門, Kikyo Gate 桔梗門, Ohte Gate 大手門, Hirakawa Gate平川門, Kita Kikyou Gate北桔梗門, Hanzo Gate 半蔵門, Sakurada Gate 桜田門, Tayasu Gate 田安門, Shimizu Gate清水門. Each of them are very valuable as historical artifact.

Hanzo Gate

Tokyo Imperial Palace Tokyo Imperial Palace


The road surrounding the palace is 5Km long, so the road is popular for jogging. You can see a lot of jogger around here everyday.


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