TokyoSkytree, the world’s highest tower.

TokyoSkytree Tokyo Skytree

TokyoSkytreeTokyoSkytree is a second symbol of Tokyo built in 2012 as instead of TokyoTower. It’s placed at Sumida-ku, a small town in Tokyo. You can see this white 634m(approximately 2080.05 ft) high tower from everywhere at Sumida. It’s listed in Guinness World Records as World’s Highest Tower in 2011. The amount of who have gone up the observation deck reached 13,130,000 people on 30 June 2014.








Tokyo SolamachiTokyo Solamachi, which means the town in the sky, is a shopping mall surrounding TokyoSkytree. There are 312 shops(including 17 tax-free shops), a planetarium and an aquarium in it. I think TokyoSkytree is one of the hottest spot in Tokyo. You can see many foreign tourists everyday, of course there are cute Japnese girls from country side of Japan too.

snack shop in Tokyo SolamachiClassic style Japanese snack shop

anime shop in Tokyo Solamachi

tony tony chopper

Anime shop

official TV shop in Tokyo Solamachi

Official TV station shop

dining in Tokyo Solamachi

Food Court

Skating rink in Tokyo Solamachi

This is the Skating rink in Tokyo Solamachi only for winter. People are skating, falling and slipping on there. Even girls wearing skirt… you know what I saw when I took those pictures. Don’t peep it.

Sumida aquarium

Sumida aquarium

Planetarium in Tokyo Solamachi

Planetarium in TokyoSkytree

stroller rentals

Stroller rentals

information center of Tokyo Solamachi

Information center

tourist service center in Tokyo Solamachi

Tourist service center, where you can send stuffs you bought to your home. There is a currency shop as well next to this.

Bicycle parking lot

Bicycle parking lot for free up to two hours.

TokyoSkytree StationYou can see TokyoSkytree and get west side of Tokyo Solamachi from exit of TOKYO SKYTREE Station on the Tobu-Skytree line.

Oshiage Station

You can also get east side of Tokyo Solamachi from Oshiage (Skytree) Station on the Tokyo Metro, Tobu Railway.

map of Tokyo Solamachi

address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045 Japan






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