Tokyo memorial hall, Tokyo-to Ireidou

sumo arena burnt down little-known good places

In memory of victims of the biggest disaster and Tokyo air raid, fire-bombing

Tokyo-to Ireidou is located in Yokoamicho Park in Ryogoku, Sumida. This memorial hall was originally built for the victims of Kanto Daishinsai, Great Kanto Earthquake, in 1930. Then in 1951, remains of the victims of Tokyo Air Raid in 1948 were added in this hall. Victims of Kanto Daishinsai are 105,000 people. Victims of Tokyo Air Raid are 77,000 people.

Yokoamicho Park

I’ve lived Sumida since I was born, so I’ve been this park, where Tokyo Memorial Hall is, when I was a child with my grandma. She is now 95 years old, so she saw how horrible the great earthquake and the air raid were, and told me that many times. Since I was a child, I didn’t understand what she meant. But I went this park a few days ago, I understood what she meant, but just part of it.

There is a building in the park as well, Tokyo Fukkou Kinenkan, where things that tell posterity how the tragedies were are exhibited.

Do you understand what this is?

mass of melted iron pillar

This is a mass of melted iron pillar. The heat of the fire that is occurred by aftermath of the earthquake made a pillar in a factory melted.


mass of melted nails

mass of melted 20,000 nails


For world peace

burnt stuffs

inside of Fukkou Kinenkan

sumo arena burnt down

burnt tower

burnt wheel chair

burnt wheel chair

inside of Tokyo memorial hall

inside of Tokyo memorial hall


These things made me realize that what my grandma said was real experience. She survived the two great tragedies, even though the chance to survive was law. That’s because I am here.


You may know another great earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Aftermath of the disaster still affects us. I wonder what I can do in the next time.


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