The most famous video sharing website, NicoNico-Douga.

niconico-douga Internet

What is NicoNico-Douga?

Have you watched Youtube? Maybe people all over the world have heard the name of video sharing website at least once. Of cause it’s also very famous in Japan. But most Japanese who like sharing and watching videos on the internet chose NicoNico-Douga.

No objection? Thank you. (´ω`) It is like Youtube. But there are some differences between them.



What is the difference between Youtube and NicoNico?

The biggest difference is that user can write scrolling comment ON movies. When other user watches the movie, the comment rolls at the timing you wrote on the movie. Your comment will never die. There are millions of videos, and each videos has Japanese Otaku culture like atmosphere.


niconico- live broadcast

In addition, NicoNico-Douga can make your house a TV station. NicoNico-Douga provides broadcasting service too. You can broadcast like live on TV program whatever you want. Then other users watch and write comments on your program in real time.


Im planning……

Ever since NicoNico-Douga started its service, over 20,000,000 people have become member of it. Way to become member is simple. Register your e-mail. That’s all.

I’m planning to make a video for NicoNico so that you can understand how fun it is more deeply. Please check it out when I do.


Thank you for reading.



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