Do you know weird Japanese Valentine’s Day?

Tokyo Dome City in Valentine's Day Japanese culture

Tokyo Dome City in Valentine's Day

Japanese Valentine’s Day is a bit weird. Generally in Valentine’s Day, people tell somebody love or give Valentine’s card to the one who you love, don’t they?

But Japanese often get occidental culture wrong. Japanese Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, is the day that women give chocolate to who they love. It doesn’t depend on if they are in relationship.

Valentine's Chocolate

The day before Valentine’s Day, they buy or cook chocolate for preparation to give it and ask him out. Then they go to school or work with the chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

I emphasize that women give chocolate. Not men give chocolate. It means only men can do is just WAIT without being known who gives chocolate to him. I think all men have wondered that if there is a girls who love them at least once. Japanese Valentine’s Day is the day that the answer comes out.

So men are super nervous all the day especially school boys. Some will be happy. The others will be…….. I guess you know what I mean. (;´ω`) Have I gotten chocolate from someone on Valentine’s Day? Oioiioiooi— Don’t make me embarrassed (;´ω`)<so sad

Nobody wants to be embarrassed, don’t they? So some men arrange unrelated appointment on purpose so that it looks like natural not to be given chocolate. (;´O`)< To be honest, I’ve done once…..sooooo sad

Regardless my sadness, people must be happy anyway! Have a good Saint Valentine’s Day!

l 0:::::(,,゚Д゚):::::::l
\:(ノ ::::::: つ/


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