Electric Otaku town, Akihabara

a truck in Akihabara Tokyo sightseeing

Have you heard of Otaku? If I explain about it simply, I could say “it means people who like watching TV animation very much and are crazy about it.” You know it? Good!

view of Akihabara

Holy ground of Otaku

Someone began to call Akihabara “holy ground of Otaku”. Now Akihabara is known as the biggest Otaku town because there are a lot of animation stuffs crazily as many as I could think that I came in to wonderland.


The biggest electric town

Akihabara is also known as the biggest electric town in Japan. There are many electric shops in Akihabara, and they compete with each other inside of the town, so stuffs they sell are so cheap and good quality. For comparison, a 32GB of micro SD card is 18 dollar on average.


Anime, Otaku things

I emphasize that this town is Otaku town.  You can see anime characters everywhere in the town. On the wall, on a signboard, on a TRUCK ON THE STREET, ON A VENDING MACHINE.

a truck in Akihabara

The truck for advertisement playing anime song.

a vending machine in Akihabara

Anime characters are selling Dr Pepper. I think they are overdoing….


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