Otaku culture is right here! Akihabara

anime shop in Akihabara Japanese culture

Have you watched Japanese TV anime? I like watching anime very much. One Piece, Dragon Ball? They are just part of it. TV stations in Japan broadcast over 20 anime programs every year. I don’t know what animation is broadcasted for this term clearly though. I think this picture below can proves what I said was right.

anime shop in Akihabara

Amazing isn’t it? This is inside of an anime goods shop, Animate in Akihabara. There are many anime goods displayed in this shop. But I have one thing that I’m little worried about…..

anime shop in Akihabara

anime shop in Akihabara


Can you love women in animation?

I can’t believe there are some people who love only anime characters. They don’t like real women, women of three dimension, and love women of two dimension instead! I wonder what happened in their life. Disappointed this world? If this gets usual, Japanese population is gonna decrease….((((;゚Д゚))))


Nevertheless I’m little worried about Japanese future, Otaku and Anime are still representative of Japanese culture. If I was tourist from foreign country and have chance to come Tokyo, I would definitely spend most of time in Akihabara.



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