Setsubun. WE THROW BEANS!! February 3

Eho-maki sushi Japanese culture

Eho-maki sushi

The Last Day of Winter, Setsubun February 3rd On Setstubun, we eat Eho-maki, which is like California Roll, with your eyes close. I don’t close my eyes though.But it is so yummy! There are many kinds of Eho-maki displayed in grocery stores. I prefer seafood Eho-maki.

a temple on Setsubun

On Setstubun, for some reason we are also accustomed to do Mamemaki, which means throwing soy beans. Okay let me explain how to Mamemaki. First, prepare loasted soy beans. You can buy them every grocery store. Second, throw them out of your home from window or porch and say Oni-wa-soto Huku-wa-uchi with loud voice. This act is supposed to exorcise demons. Ancient Japanese believed that demons dare to make people sick.

a temple on Setsubun

Setsubun event is held at every temples and shrines on the day. This is the one for children.

demons being thrown beans

Children are throwing soy beans to demons. Somehow these costumes look a bit cheap though….
In conclusion, Setsubun is division of seasons and is the day for wishing good luck for everyone.


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