Hitsumabushi restaurant at Tokyo Skytree

Hitsumabushi reataurant Tokyo Skytree

Hittsumabushi Nagoya Binchou is a restaurant opened on the sixth floor of Tokyo Solamachi East Yard.

Hitsumabushi reataurant

What is Hitsumabushi

Hitsumabushi is a specialty of Nagoya city, where is middle of Japan.

This dish basically contains grilled eel on rice covered with sauce. Apparently it looks like Unajyu, but it is different.


Do you know how to eat this?


Three way to eat Hitsumabushi

When we eat this dish, we are recommended to try three different way to eat Hitsumabushi. So first of all, we should divide the rice in the main bowl of Hitsumabushi by four evenly.


The main bowl of Hitsumabushi


First way

The first way is very simple just eat plane Hitsumabushi. No need to add something.



Second way

The second way is my favorite. Add welsh onion and Wasabi on the rice. Smells so wonderful!



Third way

The third way is Ochazuke style. Put seaweed and welsh onion on the rice and pour soup into the bowl.



The last way should be chosen by you! Get the rest of rice to your bowl and try the best way you like.

That is all. The main bowl of Hitsumabushi might be empty after you try all ways.


Since onion and Wasabi are free, I tried second way with pile of them!


Looks great doesn’t it?


When you come to Tokyo Skytree, this Hitsumabushi could be the best lunch or dinner to you! Gochiso-Sama(´>ω∂`)


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