PON DE LION PARK mister Donut, Limited donut restaurant in Tokyo Solamachi

Pon De Lion Park Mister Donut Tokyo Skytree

Pon De Lion Park Mister Donut

This is Solamachi branch of mister Donut, which has a theme of super popular character of mister Donut “PON DE LION and his friends”.

They serve a lot of limited dishes such as “PON DE LION DONUT”.

Inside of this restaurant, there are “PON DE LION and his friends” printed on table, chair, the wall. All of items in this restaurant are reproduced the folks.

Enjoy limited donuts with cute characters 🙂



Telephone number:81-3-5610-3172

Business time:8:00AM~10:00PM

Placed at:1st block on first floor of Tokyo Solamachi

Number of sheets:48


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