Tenku, planetarium in Tokyo Skytree Town

Planetarium in Tokyo Solamachi Tokyo Skytree

Observation deck, Sumida Aquarium, shopping, there are a lot of fun in Tokyo Solamachi.

This is the one of them Tenku, planetarium.

Planetarium in Tokyo Solamachi

Tenku Planetarium is placed on the seventh floor of Tokyo Solamachi east yard.

You can enjoy not only watching starry sky but also movies focused on each seasons and many kind of themes.

planetarium Tenku



The Earth Symphony

This planetarium movie is made by Studio KAGAYA, which is very well known as the one made a planetarium movie “Night on the Milky Way Train” which is watched by 1,000,000 people. You can enjoy the beauty of the earth with the narration of Nana Mizuki, who is a very popular voice actress in Japan.

(running time 40 minutes)

(until 31 August 2015)





New Zealand, seeking for the best sky

It is said that the sky of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand is the most beautiful starry sky in the world.

This planetarium movie is reproduced the sky. You can enjoy the best sky on the 360° wide screen.

English audio guide available.

(running time 40 minutes)

(until 15 June 2015)



The Night Rainbow

This movie is played only two times for a day at night. You can enjoy milky way and Southern cross on the full starry sky with Aroma of flower. This movie is relatively for adult.

(running time 50minutes)

(until 31 August 2015)

milky way


Those three I introduced this time are very beautiful and worth to spend time during your stay of Japan. Those are like the view from a space ship.

(The program is often changed. It depends on when you come, so you should check this Tenku official website out before you come.)


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Arigato Tomodachi (*゚▽゚*)


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