Sengoku Dama, Samurai goods shop in Tokyo Skytree Town

Sengoku Dama Tokyo Skytree

Sengoku Dama

Sengoku Dama”戦国魂” is a shop sells Samurai-like items related to Sengoku period”戦国時代”.  Samurai armour, shirt printed Kamon, which is Japanese family crest. They all have a theme “beauty of Samurai”.

There are Shogun shirt, Samurai’s flag-like towel, umbrella shaped of Samurai sword, and snacks related to Sengoku period and more.

Cool Samurai items

Sengoku Dama

These are “Kachyu Gofu”, which is amulet resembled in famous Shogun’s Samurai armour.

Sanada’s six coins”真田の六文銭”, Oda’s five symbols”織田の五瓜紋”, Mori’s Bar of Ichimonji and three stars”毛利の一文字三ツ星”. Whatever, items printed Shogun’s family crest all are so cool!

Sengoku Dama

Sengoku Dama

Caps shaped of Samurai helmet. These may make you brave! Hikanu De Gozaru!!


Sengoku Dama

A great Shogun, Masamune Date’s samurai armour. The great soul of the shogun lies within.

There is a real Jedi knight’s soul living in here.



Telephone number:81-3-5809-7274

Business time:10:00AM~9:00PM

Placed at:4th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi


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