Sumida Aquarium, with Tokyo Skytree

Sumida aquarium Japanese Souvenir

Sumida Aquarium is located in Tokyo Solamachi and has a lot of fun events as third anniversary of Tokyo Skytree in 2015.

Now the ticket of this aquarium can be a voucher that can be used for restaurants in Tokyo Solamachi.


Sumida aquarium

Sumida Aquarium is an aquarium placed on the fifth floor and sixth floor of Tokyo Solamachi.

There is the biggest pool style water tank in Japan.

This aquarium has the artificial water making system, so 99% of water in this aquarium is made by the system.

And you are allowed to drink alcohol in this aquarium. Why don’t you enjoy watching sea animals and drinking!


Ogasawara island as world natural heritage

There is the tank that is reproduced the sea of Ogasawara island, where is the world natural heritage placed South of Tokyo. You can enjoy the heritage by staying Tokyo Skytree, which is 1000km away from the sea.

Sumida aquarium

Sumida aquarium



Aqua Lab, observing and breeding jellyfish

Aqua Lab is placed to show more precise visions of jellyfish and marine animals. They will show breeding procedures of jellyfish, often give lectures on marine animals and offer a lot of activities.

Sumida aquarium Sumida aquarium


Penguin Candy, the show of light and sweet penguins

Penguin Candy is a colorful show using Projection Mapping. You can see penguins dancing with light.

They are so cute! KAWAII♪

Sumida aquarium

Penguins preparing the play. They look being nervous.

Sumida aquarium

According to the keepers, they feel nervous when the time playing the show is soon.

This show is played 5 times a day.

(until 17 July 2015)


Mangekyo Jellyfish Tunnel

This attraction is my favorite. Mangekyo Tonnel is a 50m long tunnel like a cave that is installed eight jellyfish tanks and 5000 mirrors on the wall.

Mangekyo is an old-style Japanese toy.

Sumida aquarium



As I said, the ticket of this aquarium can be a voucher that can be used for restaurants in Tokyo Solamachi. You can use this voucher for all day as many as you want. (until 6 May 2015)

I ate Hitsumabushi, which is very popular dish in Nagoya city, in a restaurant of Tokyo Solamachi.

So yummy OISHI—♪ “Hitsumabushi restaurant at Tokyo Skytree


Sumida aquarium

Souvenir shop of the aquarium



Sumida aquarium


The new attraction, Edo-rium reproduced Edo period of Japan, will be opened on 25 April 2015.

You will be able to enjoy Edo style aquarium!


After enjoying the sea animals, let’s go up to the highest tower!

The report of the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree♪→”TokyoSkytree, the view from the world’s highest tower



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