Tokyo Dome City, there are fun and relaxation

Tokyo Dome City Tokyo sightseeing

Tokyo Dome City is a complex entertainment city that consists of Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Dome City Attractions, LaQua and Tokyo Dome Hotel. 35,000,000 people come to the city to have fun every year. It’s located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

Tokyo Dome City


This time let me introduce about this popular city.

Want to have fun? relax? Check this out!


・Tokyo Dome City Attractions


Tokyo Dome City Illumination

・Tokyo Dome

・Tokyo Dome Hotel



Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is an amusement park which used to be known as “Korakuen Yuenchi”.

25 attractions are waiting for us to amuse us!

Admission fee is FREE!

It’s very famous for “Hero Show”, which is a play that actor and actress costumed as Japanese superheros show us a battle as real as watching the movie.

Tokyo Dome City

A lot of attractions attract us.

Tokyo Dome City


Tokyo Dome City

There is an underground space called “GeoPolice”, which has some fun attractions.


Tokyo Dome City Attractions official website



LaQua is a facility that mainly provides hot spring, sauna, beauty salon and massage.

It lets us relax and cure.


Tokyo Dome City

It’s open from 11AM to 9AM on next day.

LaQua official website



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