The another way to go HANAMI! Go for a walk and watch cherry blossom

If you come to Japan in cherry-blossom season, you would go to see cherry blossom. Yes! that is very recommended. This time I tell you the another way to enjoy cherry blossom. Even most of Japanese don’t know this way, but I tell you that secretly….. so check this out!

cherry blossom

The another way is “seeing cherry blossom and heading to TokyoSkytree ” It sounds new, doesn’t it?

There are some places that you can enjoy watching cherry blossom between Kinshicho Station and TokyoSkytree. Let me tell you those places. If you follow this way, you can eventually get TokyoSkytree while you are enjoying watching cherry blossom.

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Kinshi Park

Kinshi Park is located in 3 minutes away from Kinshicho Station on JR line. This park was fixed in 2012, so it is as beautiful as new. This park is not so crowded, even though there are a lot of cherry trees.

You can see food booths, so you can buy lunch in this park.

cherry blossom

cherry blossom

Address : 4-15 Kinshi, Sumida, Tokyo

Nearest station : Kinshicho Station on JR Sobu line or Tokyo metro Hanzomon line.

Ho-On Temple

This temple is located across Kuramaebashi Rd, which is a road between Kinshicho Station and TokyoSkytree.

There are two cherry trees in this temple, so it couldn’t be the main destination to enjoy cherry blossom.

But I think the view from this temple is beautiful.

cherry blossom

Address : 1-26-16 Taihei, Sumida, Tokyo

Nearest station : Kinshicho Station on JR Sobu line or Tokyo metro Hanzomon line.

Ohyokokawa Shinsui Park

This park is running North to South across the river and is connected Kinshicho Station and TokyoSkytree.

The pink of cherry reflected on surface of the river is very beautiful. This park is my favorite.

cherry blossom

cherry blossom

Address : connecting Kinshicho Station and TokyoSkytree

Nearest station : Kinshicho Station on JR Sobu line or Tokyo metro Hanzomon line or TokyoSkytree Station.

Let me say again, These three places I introduced this time are located between TokyoSkytree and Kinshicho Station, so this way to go to TokyoSkytree is also the way to enjoy Cherry blossom!

It’s like “killing two birds with one stone!”

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Thank you for reading! Σ(ノ≧ڡ≦)てへぺろ

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