Let’s go to Hanami! Cherry blossoms are in full bloom now!

cherry blossom Tokyo sightseeing

It’s perfect sunny day to go to Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, in Tokyo now. Cherries have waited for a long time for this!

cherry blossom

Now it’s super popular to go to Hanami! Look at those beautiful pictures anyway.

report date is March 30 2015.

If you are the type who want to go cherry but don’t like crowded place, this could be the best→

The another way to enjoy Hanami, go for a walk and watch cherry blossom


Sumida Park

It’s almost in full bloom. Even though it was Monday morning, there were a lot of people watching cherry blossom.

cherry blossom


Blooming rate:90 percent


Ueno Park

That is the best place for Hanami! There were thousand of tourists in this park.

cherry blossom


Blooming rate:full bloom


Yasukuni Shrine

The Sample cherry tree of Tokyo is in full bloom proudly!

cherry blossom


Blooming rate:full bloom


Chidoriga Fuchi

It’s also in full bloom. After all, It’s located near Yasukuni Shrine. Good thing here is you can enjoy cherry blossoms on rowboat.

cherry blossom


Blooming rate:full bloom


Introductions of those places and how to get there→”5 popular cherry-blossom viewing places in Tokyo

All cherry blossoms in Tokyo are perfectly in full bloom! Cherry viewing at night is also wonderful. Why don’t you go!



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