Restaurant of Uji sweets “nana’s green tea”Tokyo Skytree Town

nana's green tea Tokyo Skytree

nana's green tea

nana’s green tea is a restaurant that serves sweets of Uji green tea and Donburi. Green tea parfait, Shiratama Zenzai, Maccha Latté, these are typical Japanese sweets. And there are also Donburi menus.

This restaurant faces Sky Arena, so view from here is so good.

nana's green tea

nana's green tea

They serve mainly Uji green tea menus, and you can take out part of them.

Donburi and Latté

nana's green tea

I ordered Swordfish Donburi and Maccha Shiratama Latté. Swordfish Donburi includes the Seaweed Miso Soup.

nana's green tea

It’s not so much sweet. It’s tastes like kind of elegant. This tea and the atmosphere of this restaurant make you cool down. The black thing on the top is red bean paste, Anko”粒餡”.

nana's green tea

S-size Swordfish Donburi. Sesame, radish, welsh onion and Japanese ginger are on the top of it. Have it with sesame soy sauce.

nana's green tea

Tastes wonderful! Very light taste makes me go heavenly!( ゚∀ ゚)Oishi-

nana's green tea

You can have both lunch and a break. nana’s green tea!

Contact them

Telephone number:81-3-5637-8210

Business time:10:00AM~9:00PM(last call 8:30PM)

Placed at:11th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi

Number of sheets:70

Approximate cost:drinks 500yen, sweets 600yen, foods 900yen


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