“Tokyo Fried Noodles” Dip style Yakisoba ramen. Tokyo Skytree Town

Tokyo Fried Noodles Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Fried Noodles

Tokyo Fried Noodles is a fried ramen restaurant that serves original fried noodle, Yakisoba, soaked with sauce and dipped in the soup. This noodles provides new mouthfeel. You can choose one Yakisoba from among three different kinds of sauce.

Tokyo Fried Noodles

You can see how the Yakisoba you ordered is cooked on the plate. Smells good!

Tokyo Fried Noodles

“Kuro Yakisoba”, soaked with sauce that contains sesame. “Aka Yakisoba”, Korean style of Miso sauce Taste Fried Noodle with Beef Tendon. “Shiro Yakisoba”, Salty and Chicken rib taste Fried noodle. You can choose one of them.

Tokyo Fried Noodles

Half-done egg, Kimchi, squid, welsh onion, Natto, and shrimp. They are extra charges.

Tokyo Fried Noodles

Chopsticks are in here.

I ordered one.

Tokyo Fried Noodles

i ordered most attractive one for me “Kuro Yakisoba”. The chef started cooking as I ordered.

Tokyo Fried NoodlesAnd I added welsh onion and half-done egg. Yummy!

Tokyo Fried Noodles

At night, it goes different restaurant. They serve different dishes.

Contact them

Telephone number:81-3-5637-8177

Business time:10:00AM~10:00PM(last call 9:30PM)

Placed at:3rd block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi

approximate cost:750yen


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