“One Two Tree” Ranking style souvenir shop in Tokyo Skytree

One Two Tree with ranKing ranQueen Japanese Souvenir

One Two Tree with ranKing ranQueen

“One Two Tree! with ranKing ranQueen” is a original shop only in Tokyo Solamachi and sells Tokyo Skytree limited souvenirs by ranking style. You may know what souvenir is most popular in Tokyo Skytree!

A lot of Skytree official souvenirs are displayed on the shelf sorted by popularity. You must go to this shop when you lost what souvenir you should buy.

Souvenirs sorted by popularity

One Two Tree with ranKing ranQueen

Souvenirs related to Tokyo Skytree are ranked by 1st place through 9th place.

That’s Skytree-like souvenirs!


One Two Tree with ranKing ranQueen

These are key holders. I wonder what 1st place of souvenir for today is!


“One Two Tree with ranKing ranQueen” is placed at in front of Tokyo Skytree Station, so it’s a good shop for tourists who forget to buy souvenir until they are about to get the train. (^-^) Anshin!



Telephone number:81-3-5809-7059

Business time:10:00AM~11:00PM(10:00PM on weekday)

Placed at:1st block on first floor of Tokyo Solamachi


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