TOKYO BANANA TREE, Souvenir shop of Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Banana Tree Japanese Souvenir

Tokyo Banana Tree

As memorial of birth of Tokyo Skytree, the popular souvenir of Tokyo, “Tokyo Banana”, has transformed into leopard-print pattern! It’s name is “Tokyo Banana Tree”. I’ll introduce it this time.


Tokyo Banana Tree

As I entered the shop, this machine broke into my eyes.

Tokyo Bananas are turning into leopard- pattern, Tokyo Banana Trees.

Tokyo Banana Tree Tokyo Banana Tree Tokyo Banana Tree

There are original Tokyo Banana and other snacks displayed on the shelf.

All souvenir shops could be said that though, but Tokyo Banana Tree is very popular souvenir in Tokyo Skytree, so those who want to buy it often make a long line. Looooong line.

So I recommend that you should buy it in the morning. Especially on weekdays. That may make you buy the souvenir easily.

They could keep souvenir you bought. Don’t waste your time to stay in Tokyo! Be smart for sightseeing well.

Omikuji machine in Tokyo Banana Tree

Tokyo Banana Tree

I found this interior of the shop. It says that it is free Omikuji machine, which can foretell your fortune.

I guess I might as well try it……….

Tokyo Banana Tree

Push the button written your birth month and chose either rabbit button or heart button. Then the rabbit goes to take a piece of paper written your fortune.

Tokyo Banana Tree

It says my luck is Chukichi,”中吉”, means the second best luck. Its detail says………

Tokyo Banana Tree

Never give up and grab what you want. Keep doing your best then you will be okay!

For summary, I’d better not give up(; ̄▽ ̄)

I bought Tokyo Banana Tree

Tokyo Banana Tree

What I bought this time was the most popular limited one “Tokyo Banana Tree, ~I’d found chocolate banana flavor 12 pieces~”.

Its expiration is for two weeks.

Tokyo Banana Tree

The one contains 12 pieces looks gorgeous.

Tokyo Banana Tree

Looks cute, don’t you think? Smells banana. So lovely!

What inside is……….

Tokyo Banana Tree

Much of chocolate cream.

So tender and tastes chocolate banana. I think this could be the best souvenir.



Telephone number:81-3-5610-2847

Business time:9:00AM~9:00PM

Placed at:1st block on first floor of Tokyo Solamachi


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