“Wakeatte Nippon” souvenir shop on 1st floor of Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo solamachi Japanese Souvenir

Tokyo solamachi
The motto of this shop “Wakeatte Nippon” is handing down the reason, “Wake” of inheriting good products and sharing, “Wakeatte” them.

They sell Japanese traditional handkerchiefs “Tenugui” of a famous old cloth shop in Kyoto and light refreshments from Tohoku region.

Traditional Japanese cloth “Orimono” is so beautiful (´∀`)

Let me introduce this souvenir shop this time!


wakeatte nippon

They could make “Furoshiki” bag with cloth you like if you want.


wakeatte nippon wakeatte nippon

Bandanna style Tenugui and scarf style Tenugui. They are so cool “Iki, 粋”!


wakeatte nippon

Bags made from Orimono.


wakeatte nippon

Carps and dragon printed on Tenugui.


wakeatte nippon

They sell not only Orimono but also many kind of snacks.


wakeatte nippon


wakeatte nippon

Fuji Mountain Chocolate and Tokyo Thunder.



※This store was closed May 2015.

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