TokyoSkytree, the view from the world’s highest tower

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree

Have you gone up to the observation deck of the highest tower in the world? Tokyo Skytree is listed in Guinness Worlds Record. Japanese Yen is now super kind for you! So it’s time to go!

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

The entrance of the tower is on the fourth floor of Tokyo Solamachi. It’s like a gate in the airport.


Four elevators

There are four elevators to go up to the first observation deck. Do you know why four? Each of them are expressing four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I took the one of Summer. Inside of the elevator is decorated with the art of fireworks.

Tokyo Skytree

Unbelievably the elevators can bring us up to the 350m high, which the first observation deck is, just for 50 sec. How fast! I couldn’t enjoy the Summer!


Tokyo Skytree

This is how Tokyo look like from 350m (1150ft) high.


Tokyo Skytree

We have to take another elevator to go to the second observation deck, which is 450m high.


Tokyo Skytree

geez…450m high……


Tokyo Skytree

You might be able to recognize how high you are.

The ground of the earth is so far far far from here\(//∇//)\


After go down to Tokyo Solamachi

There are 312 shops, including souvenir shops and a lot of restaurants, in Tokyo Solamachi. This town, Tokyo Skytree Town, never let us bored.

Tokyo Solamachi

You can enjoy shopping in this town. There must be the best souvenir you want.

Recommended souvenir shops →“Looking for Japanese souvenir? 9 recommeded shops in Tokyo Solamachi


Tokyo Skytree is now the hottest sightseeing site in Tokyo. When you come to Tokyo, you might as well visit here!


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