Today must be your memorial day! Bakusyou Nigaoe Syouten, Tokyo Skytree Town

bakusyou nigaoe syouten Tokyo Skytree

bakusyou nigaoe syouten

This shop makes the day your best memorial day with unique portrait of you.

They are heading to become shop that provides “Laugh, Sincerity and Japanese Omotenashi heart” and express Japanese culture funnily to tourists.

bakusyou nigaoe syouten

The wall of the shop is filled with portraits they have drawn. These unique portraits make me realize that taking picture isn’t only way to capture memories.

bakusyou nigaoe syouten

It takes 10 minutes to finish drawing a portrait. You should drop by here when you come to Tokyo Solamachi. (^O^)Omoshiroi!

Contact them

Telephone number:81-3-70-1536-8962

Business time:10:00AM~9:00PM

Placed at:9th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi


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