“Soratoraya”Ramen restaurant in Tokyo Solamachi

sora tora ya Japanese Souvenir

sora tora ya

Soratoraya is a ramen restaurant looks like classic style old Chinese dining in Tokyo.

The most popular dish of this restaurant is chicken based soup ramen!

sora tora ya ramen

It takes just one minute! Here comes Tokusei Chuka Ramen!

sora tora ya ramen

Traditional thin noodle is very good for this soup.

This restaurant is very popular among women. When I had the ramen, 70% of customers in the restaurant were women.



sora tora ya

There are rusk and pork buns as souvenir.



Telephone number:81-3-6658-4030

Business time:10:00AM~10:00PM(last call 9:45PM)

Placed at:10th block on 1st floor of Tokyo Solamachi

Number of sheets: 48


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