Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower, I’m gonna be the king of pirates!

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Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower is an attraction opened in Tokyo Tower on March 2015. There are 9 attractions provided by each ONE PIECE, the best Manga in the world authored by Eiichiro Oda, character.

The entrance is on the third floor, and ONE PIECE characters are waiting for you on first floor through fourth floor.


tokyo one piece tower

Luffy’s Endless Adventure

Following Luffy’s history, walk through-like attraction.


Zoro, Cuts in two

We are handed swords and learn Zoro’s Kenjutsu!


Nami’s Casino Hounse

An attraction able to duel with Nami with gambling.


Usopp, The King of Sniping

A snipping range created by Usopp. Shoot and snipe navy!


Chopper’s Southand Sunny Adventure

Totally classified attraction. What is waiting for us after the adventure!!


Robin’s Resercing Ancient Characters

Let’s figure the secret of ancient characters out and reach the forbidden Rio Poneglyph!


Franky’s HENTAI Ball Coaster

A pinball game attraction. Get the limited figurine doll!


Brook’s Horror House

A Horror House produced by Brook.


Sanji’s OTSUKARE Restaurant

A real restaurant. You can have the meal you saw in the world of One Piece.


MUGIWARA STORE, Souvenir shop

tokyo one piece tower

tokyo one piece tower

tokyo one piece tower


tokyo one piece tower

These are Koinobori, Japanese tradition decorating Tokyo Tower until May.


Tokyo One Piece Tower official website


address:4-2-8 Shibakouen, Minato, Tokyo

nearrest station:Akabanebashi Station on Ooedo line. 5 minutes on foot.

Kamiyatyo Station on Hibiya line. 7 minutes on foot. Hamamatsucho Station on JR Yamanote line. 15 minutes on foot.


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