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TokyoSkytree is one of the hottest sightseeing place in Tokyo. There are a lot of things that I couldn’t show in my website. Have you been there? I think even if you have already been there, you may not have seen everything nice at TokyoSkytree town. Take a look at those pictures below.

TokyoSkytree town Sake and Soy sauce museum TokyoSkytree town Sake and Soy sauce museum

TokyoSkytree town Sake and Soy sauce museum

 TokyoSkytree town beer museum  TokyoSkytree town beer museum

TokyoSkytree town beer museum

I haven’t known those museums until quite recently, even though I’ve been there many times.(´Д` ;)<my gattt

TokyoSkytree in Valentine

Tokyo Solamachi in Valentine

These are TokyoSkytee town in Valentine’s Day.

Tokyo Slamachi east yard

Lounge in Tokyo Solamachi.

a view form Tokyo Slamachi east yard

This picture is taken from a restaurant at Solamachi dining at east yard. There are over 30 restaurants at there. You can enjoy many kinds of meal with this view.

When I go to TokyoSkytree, I can find something new every time. That’s why I like it(*´ω`*)

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