Meiji Shrine the most popular shrine in Tokyo

Meiji shrine Shrines

Meiji Shrine(Meiji Jingu) is located in Shibuya, Tokyo and is very popular shrine for tourists. The last day of the year, 3,000,000 people come this shrine to wish for coming happy new year. I assume this shrine is the shrine of shrine!

Meiji shrine

When I come this shrine, I can feel history of Japan, calm and peace. I think there is a soul that makes people peaceful. This shrine is in the down town of Tokyo Shinjuku and Shibuya region. These two cities are very crowded, but Meiji Shrine is surrounded by forest. It makes this shrine silent place.  That’s why I like here!

Meiji shrine

Famous places are near here, Shinjuku Gyoen

I think everyone has heard of the name of the town Shinjuku. There are a lot of things for having fun for tourist in the town. So I suggest you to come this shrine when you get tired of crowded town Shinjuku. I say again that there is a thing purifies you.

Meiji shrine

You can get this shrine from Harajuku Station on JR Yamanote line on foot.

It takes 3 minutes to get here.


Address : 1-1 Kamizonotyo, Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo

Admission fee : free


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