Tokyo air raid, fire-bombing, the cruelest massacre ever

Hukkou Kinenkan Japanese history

It’s been 70 years since US attacked Tokyo with fire bombs in 1945. It’s known as Tokyo air raid, Tokyo fire-bombing. I went to Tokyoto-Ireidou, Tokyo memorial hall, for repose of souls of victims of Tokyo air raid.

Over 100,000 people were killed by fire bombs dropped by B-29, fighter of US forces, in just one night.

Even though they were not soldiers, they were just private citizens just like your family.

Hukkou Kinenkan

How terrible the tragedy was

I read an article that is exhibited in Hukkou Kinenkan and Tokyo memorial hall. It says that there was a expecting mother who exposed her baby from her stomach burst because of the heat of the bomb. Then she and her child burnt black at the same time. The author of the article also says he saw a lot of burnt people in Sumida River. They jumped into the river to cure skin burn one after another, but the skin burn was already fatal enough to kill them, so they died in the river. As a result, thousand of black burnt dead bodies were washed ashore to end of the river. It sounds like end of the world, doesn’t it?

If you want to see more pictures of innocent dead people, they are here.


I wish world peace again. No more fire-bombing

Human hates other human, people fight each other, hard to understand culture of different races. Those are natural and human’s karma. But I think there is a chance that people love people, at least that is very tiny possibility. I have to study English harder for it anyway! ( ̄^ ̄)


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