Ma-Suya, Specialty shop for salt, Tokyo Skytree Town

Ma-Suya Tokyo Skytree


Ma-Suya is the biggest salt “塩,Shio” store in Japan.
They sells more than 300 kinds of salt from throughout Japan including 70 kinds of salt from Okinawa. Amazingly, we can try all sample salt in the store.


This is the limited sweets only sold at Tokyo Solamachi, Yukishiro Fuwawa. Very good for Japanese souvenir.

Ma-Suya Ma-Suya

There are various of salt in the store after all. Those who cook would be happy at this store.


These are specialty snacks of Tokyo Skytree.

Contact them

Telephone number:81-3-5809-7560

Business time:10:00AM~9:00PM

Placed at:10th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi


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