Restaurant of nature “Calbee Plus Farm dining” Tokyo Skytree Town

Calbee Plus Farm dining

Calbee Plus Farm dining is a restaurant in Tokyo Solamachi managed by a Japanese snacks company Calbee. Have the benefit of vegetables!

Calbee Plus Farm dining

Since this restaurant faces Solamachi Sky Arena, the view from here is one of the best view from restaurant in Tokyo Skytree Town. Have lunch and look up Tokyo Skytree!

Calbee Plus Farm dining

I ordered “potato and tortilla” and “tender gnocchi gratin”. That’s Calbee’s menu. Mostly vegetables.

Calbee Plus Farm dining

“potato and tortilla”. It was just made. hot hot! We can choose three sauces out of  six when we order it. “Sour cream onion sauce”, “Tomato salsa “, “Herb flavored  cheese sauce”, “Sweet corn and minced meat sauce”, “Onion mayonnaise”, and “Tuna and broccoli sauce”.

Calbee Plus Farm dining

Salsa sauce, it’s my favorite, very spicy though.

Calbee Plus Farm dining

“tender gnocchi gratin”. I dipped the three sauces while we were at it.

Calbee Plus Farm dining

They sell just made potato snacks as well.

Contact them

Telephone number:81-3-6456-1321

Business time:10:00AM~10:00PM(last call food 9:00PM, drink 9:30PM)

Placed at:9th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi

Number of sheets:68

Approximate cost:1050yen


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