“NIPPON-ICHI” The best Japanese specialty products shop, Tokyo Skytree Town


Nippon-Ichi assembles and sells a lot of specialties of every prefecture of Japan.

These items will be good souvenir for everyone.


The blue Daruma doll, Sola Iro Daruma, guards merchandises.⊂ (`・ω・) _彡

There are a lot of Japanese- like items in the shop.


Mount Fuji is the best symbol of Japan. I think I don’t need any words to explain it.


These are Japanese summer items. They could make you cool,”粋 Iki”!


Telephone number:81-3-5610-5420

Business time:10:00AM~9:00PM

Placed at:10th block on 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi

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